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The new duo album with Clovis Phillips combines Celtic harp with jazz guitar for an unforgettable string blend. It includes original arrangements of Welsh, Irish and Scottish tunes, along with new compositions and jazzier numbers.

Track Listing

  1. Clychau Caerdydd
  2. Metropolis
  3. Emma's Waltz
  4. Pigtown Fling
  5. New Blues
  6. Mill House
  7. Y Fro Golier
  8. Junk Man
  9. Hurdle Race
  10. My Little Suede Shoes
  11. Snow Chains
  12. Acrobat
  13. Leaving Friday Harbour

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The new trio album with Sam Christie on drums and Andy "Wal" Coughlan on bass (May 2016). The album aligns harp music with jazz backing for an unforgettable fusion. The CD includes guest performances by clarinetist Wyn Lodwick and Welsh poet Einir Jones.


Track Listing
  1. Junk Man
  2. Fire Dance
  3. Jeeves & Wooster
  4. Black Butterfly
  5. Tân yn y Dŵr
  6. Bat in the Bathroom
  7. Adaptations of the Atom
  8. The Swan LK243
  9. Dandelion Rag
  10. Hurdle Race
  11. Cripad Mabon
  12. Petite Fleur
  13. The International Eisteddfod
  14. Breaking Up
  15. It's Not Funky, Is It? Remix

"A charming album, and well worth seeking out for its range and beauty" "Musician's Union" Magazine, Sep 2016

From the Crooked Tree
This Trio album with Sam Christie on drums and Andy "Wal" Coughlan on bass, combines Celtic harp music with jazz backing for an unforgettable, high energy fusion.

"Superlative" "Musician" Magazine, 2007

Track Listing

  1. Conger Eels
  2. Cadair Idris
  3. Finbar Finnegan's
  4. Take 5 / Unsquare Dance
  5. Laughing Wolf
  6. Kitchen Devils
  7. Earl of Hyndford
  8. From the Crooked Tree
  9. Postal Piper
  10. Swimming in the Glasffrwd
  11. Aussie Piper
  12. Are Friends Electric?

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Jumping Ahead
This debut album uses the Celtic harp as a strong melody instrument over extensive backing. Irish and Scottish tunes are mixed with recently composed melodies and influences from around the globe. It features Colman Connolly on flute, Tim Dowd on uilleann pipes, Geoff Pollitt on fiddle, Dave Henderson and Kevan Roberts on guitar, Xin Wu on xiao (Chinese bamboo flute), Anna NicRaith on Scots Gaelic vocals and Peter O'Brien on bodhran.

Track Listing

  1. Valley Rhythm
  2. After Otters
  3. Blind Mary in America
  4. Dancing Mathematicians
  5. The Clan Neil Trip to China
  6. Maggie's Pancakes
  7. An Caisdeach Bán
  8. Lonely
  9. Jumping Ahead
  10. The Day Dawn
  11. Mo Theinntean Fhéin
  12. The Gold Ring
  13. Ragnarok
  14. The Fire Hose Reel
  15. Doimhneachd Anama
  16. The HarpaSonic set

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Sharron Kraus & Harriet Earis
A duo album of carols, winter songs and tunes recorded in the remote St. John's Church, Ysbyty Cynfyn in mid Wales. Folk singer Sharron Kraus performs unusual carols and winter tunes with backing from harp, Appalachian dulcimer and whistles.

"Mixing the lightness of the dulcimer with the deeper Celtic harp, mellow whistles and haunting vocals, their music recreates an ancient wintry soundscape punctuated with warm Christmas cheer"

Track Listing
  1. Deck the Halls
  2. Breuddwyd Dafydd Rhys / Hoffedd Tom Manaw
  3. To Shorten Winter's Sadness
  4. Y Feri Lwyd / Christmas Day in the Morning
  5. Cloch Erfyl
  6. The Sans Day Carol
  7. Apples in Winter / We Wish You a Happy New Year
  8. Dic o Gymru / Ty Coch Caerdydd
  9. Down in yon Forest
  10. Caniad San Silin
  11. The Coventry Carol
  12. Snow Chains / Mouth of the Tobique
  13. The Cherry Tree Carol
  14. Y Dydd / Cofio Llanedi
  15. Ar Hyd y Nos

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A trio album with Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist Ian Wyn Rowlands and fiddler Jasper Salmon.
"These three talented individuals perform both original and traditional material, sensitively and in a flowing, graceful style".
"Living Tradition" magazine


Track Listing
01. Kites 02. Raggle Taggle Gypsies 03. Ffoadur 04. Dragons 05. Y Deryn Pur 06. The Rose of Euskadi 07. Deio i Dywyn 08. Grumbling Old Man/Lads of Laois 09. Myfanwy 10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 11. Lisa Lan


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